Home Sweet Home


Unfortunately I'm a little under the weather as of late last night, so I'm taking the easy route today and blogging a mini tour of our living room.
I'd been planning to do a home tour for a while now, but it always seems the day after I clean, everything gets dirty and unorganized. Ugh, don't you hate that? (And I don't even have children yet!)
What can I say, we are messy folks.
Anyway I'll be posting mini room tours over the next couple of weeks as we try to create order out of chaos.

When we first started looking for places to live in Michigan my only stipulation was that we find a house as opposed to an apartment or townhome.
However, we didn't have any money saved up to buy, so renting was our only option.
Within three days of searching we were lucky enough to find the house where we currently reside.
It has everything we need/wanted in a place and more.
There is a fenced in backyard for Maggie to run, a wood burning fireplace for surviving the long winters, and some amazing built-ins including the bookshelves pictured above.
Not to mention the original 1920s blue and pink tiled bathrooms which I can't wait to share!
The details all throughout are so charming. I just love it.
It's the perfect place for our little family at this time, and I'm so thankful we have enough room that my brother is able to live here with us.

Picture details:
1. Our thrifted record player & 1970s Marantz receiver and speakers handed down from A's parents.
2. built in "owl"cove :)
3. Glass head (brother's) and bird planter (thanks T & A!)- mantle decor
4. 1950s leaf clock originally gifted to my grandparents on their wedding day and then handed down.
5. Reading corner w/ thrifted flower chair
6. Moose's lookout
7. 1970s patterned couch bought for $5 at an auction by my dad
8. Old dentist cabinet/bar

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my home!

P.S. Sorry for the poor picture quality. These were hurriedly taken with my phone before I lost all natural light.