A Short Sunday Ride


I am finally getting around to an outfit post!
Nothing super exciting or anything, just something I wore to work on a lazy Sunday.
The skirt I picked up forever ago at a Buffalo Exchange while visiting Arizona (best store ever, by the way!)
The shirt, however, was a rare thrift find. For me at least.
I typically don't browse the blouse section while thrifting, but one day I found a bunch of awesome vintage shirts at Goodwill and couldn't pass them up.
This is one of my finds!
I love it. While it's super short, it's very versatile and goes with many of my high-waisted skirts and pants.
Anyway, enough gushing about my new favorite shirt...

On to the sweet bike...
It was my dad's until he gifted it to my brother. (I was not happy about this mind you!)
When my brother moved here, to MI, he was gifted a new bike (a used Trek).
So now I claim this brown Schwinn beauty as mine. See how that works?
(Luckily my brother doesn't read my blog, so ya know, for all intents and purposes it is now mine)