To The Market She Goes


Yesterday I ventured out to my first flea market of the season.
Gasp, I know! First one and summer's already half over!
But the local flea market only happens once a month, and I've always had to work those Sundays.
I was ecstatic to go however didn't last long due to the scorching temperatures.
Most of my time ended up being spent browsing the indoor booths (a few pictured above).
The market is held at a place called the Mega Mall; it's a huge antique mall full of various treasures.
Every third Sunday of the month vendors come and set up shop in the parking lot.
Between indoors and out there are hundreds of booths with so much to look at and plenty of variety.
It's a lot of fun and runs til the middle of October.
Like I said, I didn't stick around long and left with only a few finds.
I'll be back later this week with a recent thrift finds post.

Other goings on...
The mister is away at Princeton for a conference.
Seeing as how I am domestically challenged, I've been eating a lot of takeout and junk food while he's away.
Pizza and cupcakes- the dinner of champions. That's what I always say :)

Also, the cleaning/rearranging/organizing bug bit recently.
We are trying to get ready for my brother's move in the next week or so.
His moving here has given me the push I needed to start organizing and sorting my vintage goods.
Currently everything is stored in the spare bedroom where he will soon be residing.
I had no idea how much stuff I'd accumulated for my 'shop' (which has yet to come to fruition) until I started opening drawers and closets. Eeek!
I've got many ideas, yet little motivation. It's another problem I'm working on.