Thrift Finds


Well, I've been at it again...
Here are some of my finds from the past couple of weeks.
A few things came from garage sales and the rest from thrift stores.
All cheap and amazing.
Here's the breakdown (albeit totally disorganized)-
Old milk crates- Free!!
'70s paper plates- $.20
Mushroom mugs- $3
Pyrex- $1.99
Apron & scarf- $.99/each
Green bowls- $1.50
Juice container- $1.90
Flower dish- $.99
Apothecary jar- $1.99
Jewelry tray- $1.99
Silhouette paintings- $.99
Dish towels- $2.99
Records- $2/each

While in Naperville visiting Tanner & Amanda we stumbled upon the most amazing garage sale ever!
The woman running the sale was all like, "Hey you guys into vinyl records?"
And we're like, "Umm YEAH!"
So she took us down into the basement of the house, and it was full of records!
Thousands of them! Heaven I tell you.
And they were only $2 a piece.
Unfortunately we only had so much cash on us, so I had to choose wisely which was tough.
I ended up with two Marshall Tucker LPs, a Tom Petty, two Loretta Lynn, Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie and a Dr. Hook.
Sorry for the long story, just had to share the awesome randomness of it.