Here I Am Again


This is where I've been since my last post thirteen days ago...
not really, but I wish.
I have been a terrible blogger and hope my readers haven't given up on me.
This is probably the longest I've gone without posting, and it's not that I didn't want to.
Sometimes life happens, things get in the way, and a break is needed...
Nevertheless, I'm back, and here to stay.

I have been a fairly busy bee lately, and I can't wait to post some new thrift finds this week!
The mister and I went to Naperville this weekend to visit Tanner & Amanda.
It was a nice little getaway full of fun and adventure...
just what I needed.
Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures, but if you hop on over to Amanda's blog you can see a few.

The rest of my evening is dedicated to wine drinking and record listening.
I'll be back tomorrow with a thrift finds post!