Thrift Finds


The mister and I just returned from a long weekend visit back home in IL.
It was a nice little vacation, and I got to see lots of family and friends,
but I did miss my blog.
Here are a few of my more recent thrifted finds/gifts.
A couple of the items above were gifted to me by my aunt who regularly attends auctions,
and a few are items I forgot to post about until now.
Like my hutch!
How I could forget about that beauty is beyond me.
But no worries, there will be a whole post dedicated to the hutch very, very soon.

Here's the breakdown-
Owl candle holders- gift
Butterfly ashtray- gift
Betty Crocker recipe box- $1.51
Curtains- $2.99
Owl clock- $3.99
Hutch- $38

Just stopping in for a quick update as my dad is here visiting for a little while.
My brother is also coming to visit this weekend, and I'm so excited!
He hasn't been to MI since we've lived here, and I can't wait to show him around.
Hopefully we'll be spending some time at the beach as well!