Okay, so this may not be the greatest picture I've ever taken, but I wanted to show off my new look!
Woot woot I have bangs!
This is a pretty exciting change for me as I've always had the same straight boring blah hair.
I needed a trim this past week and had been contemplating bangs but didn't think they would work because of my awful cowlick.
Anyway- I sort of let the stylist take over and do what she thought would look good...
and voila!
I got an inch or two cut off, some long layers and texture, shaping around my face and bangs.
I kind of love it.
A little more upkeep than I'm used to dealing with, but so far so good.
I'll post better pictures soon.

Sorry I've been so absent this past week.
The sickness floating around finally made it's way to me, and I'm just starting to feel better today.
My friend, Amanda, and I got sick at the same time,
so we've been hanging out and keeping each other company.
Not like we can get each other sick or anything.

Tonight I'm playing catch up and reading blogs like mad.
It's crazy how much you can miss in one week.
Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!