Proceed with Caution


I finally managed to take some more outfit pictures.
I thrifted this navy polka dot skirt last week thinking it would be perfect for spring.
But then I got too excited to wait- so here it is.
I wasn't really sure what to wear with the skirt, so I kinda just threw on this vintage blouse and some flats.
My outfit ended up having a primary color scheme, and I'm okay with it.
Also- notice the vintage hat?!
My parents picked up about a dozen vintage hats for me at an auction a while back,
and my dad brought them all to me last time he visited.
They have been sitting around the house for a bit now, so I thought today was a good day to test one out.
I pretty much love the navy bow hat paired with the navy polka dot skirt.
Thoughts? Too matchy?

Hey guess what? My mama is here visiting!
The mister and I picked her up from the train station last night when I got off work.
And she gets to stay for a whole week!
My cousin, Kelsey, is also coming to visit for a few days later this week.
I'm so excited! I love having visitors.
Ok well it's time to hang with the mamajama before bedtime.
Night all and happy weekending.