holiday Prep


Phew, much needed blog update! I was away for almost two weeks and didn't have much internet access. Now I'm back but only for a few more days, then I'm off to Chicago for five days. Aaron is attending a conference in the city, and I'm tagging along and spending some time with my cousins Tanner & Amanda. It should be a fun time! While I was away all I could think about was wanting to decorate for the holidays when I got back. So yesterday, December 1st, I decided to put up the Christmas tree! It snowed here in MI all day which really put me in the holiday mood. I also may have been rockin' out to some Christmas records. :) I have a lot more decorating to do, but the above pictures are just a little glimpse at what I've started. I crocheted an enormously long strand of garland for the tree which turned out really well. And as one can see from the last picture, the cat has not left the tree alone at all since it's been up! Ugh, I don't really know what to do about that. Any suggestions? Once the tree is fully decorated I'll post more pictures; it's pretty bare bones right now. Also, I've got some other holiday crafts in the works like handmade ornaments and Christmas cards that I can't wait to share. I'm going to try and update the blog while I'm in Chicago as I plan to document Amanda and I's exciting adventures.

Side note: I did some serious thrifting while I was away spanning multiple cities. I will take pictures of my finds and post them soon!