Thrift finds


 owl and babies
 nightstand dish
napkin holder
 fawn figurine

i never would've thought that i would be collecting ceramic figurines...alas, i am. i have started collecting anything deer or owl related, and i've also been gathering little ceramic dishes and bowls to house my vintage jewelry. here's what i'm thinking...i need to start weeding through my vintage collections, open an etsy shop, and be very selective from now on in what i buy. this will more than likely not happen. well, maybe the etsy shop, but not the whole selectivity thing. i just can't help myself. when i go thrifting and see a good deal, i can't pass it up. hmm...something to think about. 

well, i have been under the weather for a few days now and i need to get some rest. just wanted to do a quick post. night!