dressUp day


this is my new favorite vintage dress! well- for the time being. i bought it last week, and without even trying it on at the store, it fits perfectly. it's also a great match for my recently thrifted cream boots and pink glasses. i love the pattern and colors! so cute and comfy for fall. as it gets chillier i'll probably add some grey tights and a vest or shawl.

on another note- i need to start making some halloween decorations and decide on a costume. the mr. and i still haven't decided for sure what we are doing for the holiday. i'm leaning toward going to visit my brother in urbana-champaign because the wood brothers! are playing there on halloween! i have been wanting to see them forever. if you don't know who they are/haven't heard their music- check em out here. amazing. i'm not so sure A is sold on going yet though. i'm workin on it.

what is everyone else planning for halloween? costumes? parties? concerts?