chilly nights


relaxation station

so, mr. a bought an xbox today, which means i have been forced to relocate. to the sun-room, aka the relaxation station (pictured above). this also means the computer is now my sole source of entertainment as the television is to be constantly occupied by my nhl 2011 obsessed husband. phew, now that that is off my chest...i actually kind of like the sun-room now that we have moved the daybed in there. i'm definitely getting more use out of it now that it's not in the three-seasons room (as we are quickly approaching the one season that is not suitable for using the room). not to mention, since we have moved in, the sun-room has been consistently warmer than any other room in our house. now that the nights are getting chillier and we are trying our darndest not to cave and turn the heat on, i like getting comfy in the warmest room in the house. my furry babies kind of love it too. they like to come lay on the daybed and cuddle with me :) so speaking of the fast approaching, already evident chilly fall nights...i made soup for dinner tonight! see, i am sticking to the challenge i set forth for myself. this rarely happens, therefore, i am mighty proud. i did cheat a little though. campbell's may or may not have helped me out this evening. i can't help it. when i'm really hungry, i'm pretty impatient. i like to throw something together quick and easy. instant gratification. ya know? campbell's tomato soup gave me just the gratification i was looking for tonight. yum yum yum. how i love tomato soup. i think i could probably eat a bowl every night. but, i won't. veggie chili is most likely up next on the soup challenge. with cornbread. mmmhmmm. side note: most times i am all for generic brands and things, but as far as tomato soup goes, it's campbell's all the way :) ok, well it's time for me to get caught up on all the shows i missed while away. goodbye for now...