Thrifts & Gifts


Let's just say lately I have been a very lucky lady.
Last week I finally got a chance to go home and see family after what seemed like months.
Oh wait, it was months...three to be exact ;)
Anywho, my parents (dad, really) and my aunt had been busy the past few weeks going to auctions and picking up treasures, many of which are now mine, and a few of which are pictured above.
It's always fun, and quite often interesting, to see what they've found.
This time around I had the pleasure of finding a boob mug hidden within my box of owl items.
Of course my dad thought that was just hilarious.
Yes, I have pictures. No, I won't be posting them.
But really, they do always find the greatest stuff at auctions.
Thanks to mom, pops & aunt sis, I always end up hauling home a car full of amazing loot.

Have you been gifted or thrifted anything awesome lately?