Such a Pretty House, Such a Pretty Garden


Sorry for the silence around here.
I've been fighting a nasty cold/sinus infection thing for the past week or so.
Ehh, I guess it's that time of year.

On to the failed outfit attempt...
I thrifted this velvet leopard print dress a few weeks ago for a mere three dollars.
Exciting, no?
Then, a couple weeks ago, I wore it for the first time.
It wasn't as exciting anymore.
Maybe velvet isn't my thing. Or maybe I don't know how to style it. Who knows.
I wanted to share these photos anyways because of the gorgeous gardens and fall foliage also pictured.

P.S. Is anyone else trying super hard to get pre-sale Radiohead tickets today?! We are, so wish us luck :)
P.P.S. Etsy shop is progressing. Hoping to have my first items listed by this weekend!!!