What They Say Is True


Outfit: skirt & necklace- thrifted, top- H&M, ring- great gmas, shoes- Forever21

The best way to cure a foul mood is to get out and get active.
Seems so simple, right?! If only...
Somehow I managed to lay around the house all day (in my pajamas) watching episodes of Dexter and True Blood.
Entertaining, yet completely unproductive.
By the time five o'clock rolled around and the mister returned from work, I was feeling really lazy and grouchy.
This, in turn, led to indecisiveness and frustration.
My first instinct was to return to the daybed and resume watching tv...which I did, for a few minutes.
Then I realized that my mood was only going to worsen if I spent my evening this way.
I knew this because this particular scenario plays out way too often.
So after mulling over the infinite possibilities of what to do, the mister and I headed to the park.
We packed up some books, snacks, cards, the camera and roller blades not sure exactly what we were going to do, just knowing we were going to do something.
The weather was warm but breezy as it stormed earlier in the day...perfect weather for an evening in the park.
We took pictures, read, fish watched, played cards and roller bladed a couple miles around the lake.
Needless to say, my mood was much improved after all that.
How could it not be?!
I've discovered the best way to lift my spirits is to get up and do something, anything.
As hard as it can be sometimes, it really does help.
And it's free. Just sayin'...

Jonsi knows what's up

P.S. We took a lot of pictures, so I'll be posting more tomorrow.