Dandelion Patch


More gorgeous weather!
I know that's all I talk about on here lately, but I just cannot get over how beautiful it's been.
This picture perfect park (ohh alliteration) is right down the road from our house.
As you can see, the ground is covered in dandelions right now.
I was so excited I couldn't help but roll around in them a little.

As for my outfit...
It's pretty much my favorite.
I thrifted this vintage Gunne Sax skirt a couple months ago, and I am in love.
Perfect length, pattern, fit, flow...you see what I mean by love.
The platform shoes I'm wearing are the most comfortable and cute vintage pair I've ever owned.
I paid $25 bucks for these babies at a vintage clothing store.
May not seem like a lot, but definitely the most expensive pair of vintage shoes I've ever bought.
Nothing especially exciting about the tank top. It's from H&M.
Comfy and versatile- I've been wearing it a lot.
I also have on a single silver chain necklace with a feather pendant on it.
I'll get a better picture later.

The fact that I just rambled on for hours about my outfit means two things.
1. It really is my new favorite.
2. I will now shut up.

The mister just commented on the length of this post saying "You're still typing?!"
So I'm out.