Gold Diggers


Well I'm back in Michigan once again after spending a short time at home with my family.
I was without internet and a computer for five days, so I've been super anxious to blog since I've been back.
I was all ready to take outfit pictures today when, of course, the camera died after four shots.
Ugh. Frustrating.
So instead you get to drool over this picture of delicious Sprinkles cupcakes I picked up yesterday in Chicago.
I managed to get in a little shopping time besides Sprinkles while in Chicago including a trip to H&M.
I could spend hours in that store, but only had a short time, so I picked up a pair of sunglasses for myself and a pair for the mister.
And also got him a pair of sweet checked swim trunks (looking forward to some beach time!) and a belt.
See how giving I am?! Shopping for him rather than me! :) Hah.
Anyway, my sunglasses are awesome. Can't wait to post some pictures.
I'm still pretty worn out from my long day of travel yesterday, so I think it's time to rest.
Be back tomorrow with an outfit post!
Night all.

P.S. I'm watching the movie Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain right now. That's where the post title came from in case you were wondering. Does anyone else remember this movie? It's awesome. Watch it.