New Year, New Traditions


It seems that generally people celebrate new year's on the eve of the new year by attending parties, watching the ball drop at midnight, kissing someone as the ball drops and such. Of course I celebrated this year as I've done in the past in these same ways. But, I have never actually celebrated the new year on the first day of the new year- until now! This is my new tradition which commenced last night- have a party on January 1st. Does anyone else do this? I'm sure they do, but for some reason I've just never thought of it. Probably because I'm so used to celebrating the evening before...but hey! two parties are better than one, right? I think so. Last night was pretty laid back but a ton of fun. My mama and I made vegetarian shepard's pie which was a first for me. As I've mentioned before I am quite domestically challenged, but this was so quick and easy to make- only four main ingredients! It turned out great by the way, and we even had tons leftover for lunch today. Aaron picked up some supplies for margarita making which also turned out super yummy. You know the saying- eat, drink and be merry. Well, that was us last night. We listened to lotsa great records like Kris Kristofferson, Woodstock, and the Big Chill soundtrack, and we played Take Two (shorter version of Scrabble) and 10,000 (a really fun dice game). Overall, it was an awesome start to a new tradition.

P.S. I took outfit pictures again today! I'm on a roll with my goal. I'll post pics soon.