more Thrift finds


First off- who updates their blog on a Saturday night?! Oh yeah, me. Hah! Anyways, I've decided on a new format for my Thrift Finds posts. Sometimes I kind of want to talk a little bit about each item, so I thought this would be a better layout. I even got all fancy in Picasa adding the numbers :) Hah! Actually, I haven't ever edited my photos. One reason being that I don't have a good photo editing program on this computer and another being I wouldn't know what to do with an editing program if I had one. I do think this would be a good skill to learn however and would probably end up benefiting my posts greatly, so we will see what the future holds for my photography/editing skills (possibly some online classes?). Nonetheless, here are some more of my recent thrift finds!

1. I looove this little nightstand. I found it at Goodwill this past week and could not pass it up. I don't really know anything about this particular style/model, so if anyone does, I would love to know! Anyway, best part, it only cost $5.99. Also, there was a matching dresser for only $19.99! I was strong enough to show a little restraint and just buy the nightstand, although now thinking back, it was probably foolish to buy one and not the other. :( Boo. Right now this little gem is sitting in the three-seasons room temporarily housing gloves, hats and scarves until I can find a better place for it.

2. The newest find from this picture is the yellow shelving unit. I thrifted it for three bucks, and it was so worth it. I needed a place to hang my vintage jewelry and house some of my knick-knacks. Nothing too exciting about it I suppose. :)

3. Hmm- I've been thrifting so much lately, I've forgotten where I got this little floral dish!? Well, it's cute and can be found in my half bath holding this and thats.

4. This mirror- I love. Haha, (I need some better descriptors sometimes). It was a steal for like two bucks. I picked this up while thrifting with my Aunt back home, and it's also become an addition to the bathroom. P.S. I know- I need to clean it.

5 & 6. Cutest owl salt n pepper shakers ever! The first set my maternal grandmother purchased for me at an antique store. The second set my paternal grandmother gave to me from her owl collection! It's funny but I never realized that both of my grandmothers were owl collectors. Also, I bought the first set of shakers for Amanda & Tanner a couple months ago, only to find the same exact ones this past visit back home which my grandma bought for me! Twinkies!

7 &8. Super fun and comfy shoes! Both fit perfectly. Enough said.

Wow! I like this new format. It seems to make my posts longer. Or maybe I just had a lot to write about tonight. Who knows?! Any complaints? Let me know. Ok, night for now!