good times


our new living room set up...

well, my parents and grandma got into town last night, albeit late. ugh. their train was delayed twice! at least they made it, right? :) today was fun. i took my dad and mom thrifting, and we met A for lunch. grandma Bonnie was tired most of the day but got a second wind later on, so i took her and my mama to another thrift store where we got tons of good stuff. tonight we played cards and yahtzee and laughed and laughed. it was so fun. i can't even say how happy i am that they are here. i'll post pictures of some of our finds later on this weekend. we've been having little fashion shows to show off what we bought. we are also planning on meeting up with some old family friends while they are here, which will be great. we haven't seen them in forever!

on another note, i cannot wait for fall (like many others)! the leaves are starting to change already! i've been buying lots of sweaters in preparation and planning outfits for chilly, crisp fall days. haha, my dad is asleep on the couch right next to my chair! i was just talking to him about how it was past his bedtime, and he said he wasn't tired, lol! maggie is also trying to make a little bed on the floor. everyone is asleep except me! i am soooo happy to have visitors! really, i know it's silly how excited i am about this, but i just am! it's really stressful and sad to move to a new place/state and not know anyone. at least for me. i'm a really big family person. like i would live with my parents my whole life if i could. :) i envy other cultures where it is common practice to live within the nuclear family unit for extended periods of time. it's really hard being this far away from family and friends. luckily, i have internet, so it's easier to stay in touch with some people, but it is really just not the same. ahh, well i shouldn't be complaining right now while i have company, until later...hopefully i will post some pictures of our adventures this weekend!