my new pan!

So, instead of packing (which is what I should be doing) I am going to update by blog. :) We are moving to Michigan in less than two weeks, and I have done nothing to get ready. Movers are coming on Friday to look around and give us a quote on how much it will cost. It sounds like our budget is going to be maxed out if we hire this company. Oh well, I think it will be so worth it to hire people to move us rather than us (and my parents) doing it ourselves yet again. I can't believe we just moved less than two months ago! Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I've acquiring lotsa stuff in these two months, so now I need to weed some other things out. I'm getting excited about decorating our new place once we get settled...I see a new couch, some new rugs..hmm and lots more in our near future! :) So I bought this cute new vintage lidded pan at the thrift store yesterday, and guess what? I just saw the same pan on Bewitched!! I love it! Hmm I should take a picture of it to post. I've also recently been watching The Bob Newhart Show. I remember watching TV Land when I was younger and I love being able to check the shows out from the library now. Ok, well really I should get to work, however, I will probably stop by the Goodwill sometime today.