(This looks like the antique store kitty I met today)

Things I'm loving at the moment: I Love Lucy, Serena sweet red wine, beautious Goodwill dresses and Morningstar Farms sausage patties. Things kitty is loving: the blinds and catnip. A and I bought Mr. Moose a fun little catnip toy from the farmer's market last week, and he goes crazyyy for it. I would take a cute picture, but both of our cameras are dead. Boo. So my in-laws are coming for a visit tomorrow which means a weekend full of eating out and shopping. Sounds good to me! I went and visited a new antique shop today, and I was cheerfully greeted by a pretty little kitty cat. She was a very talkative girl, and she followed me around the store while I browsed. She must have known I love kitties. Shopping and animals, my two favorite things, when put together make for a fun time. I also went to Goodwill again today. I try to make it there a couple times a week to see whats new. :) I found 3 cute vintage dresses, and I also got Maggie a new water bowl. My mama would be proud, last night I stayed up late making cards and scrapping. I'll post pictures soon. MSU visit is a little less than a week away! A is getting ready. I'm planning on a long day of thrifting while we're there.