the most beautious cake i have ever made!

So, my post tonight will be short because it's late, and I've had a busy day cleaning and entertaining. My in-laws are in town for a few days, so we went out to dinner at the brewing company (the husband's choice, of course, as I am not a beer drinker), then the guys watched the Stanley Cup playoffs while us girls went to the movies. We saw Date Night which was pretty funny. I know a lot of people didn't like it, but I thought overall it was entertaining. Tonight we played a little dice, and now everyone is in bed pas moi. Really the reason I wanted to write was so I could post the picture of my beautious cake I made today (which, by the way, ended up actually being delicious). This is a surprise to myself as well as to those who know me considering I am not exactly a domestic goddess, far from it actually. I'm working on it though. Ok, Miss Maggie is ready for me to come the bed, so goodnight for now.