eighteen weeks


The bump hasn't grown too much over the past week, so I figure one photo should suffice.
(That is not to say we didn't take a million and one pictures though.)
I have been concentrating so hard this week on trying to feel the baby move.
Everyone, including my doctor, is curious about whether or not I've felt any movement yet, and I am honestly just not sure! 
It's so hard to identify a feeling you've never experienced before. 
Hopefully as the movements become more frequent I'll just know
The countdown continues with only ONE week left until we find out the baby's sex!
I am hoping for some major cooperation on baby's part as my mom is traveling all the way up here for the ultrasound. 
With the second half of pregnancy approaching, I am still wondering when my energy and appetite will return...
I have had no ravenous feelings nor any specific cravings to speak of, and dang it, I was looking forward to that part!
But I'm sure the best is yet to come, right? ;)

P.S. My clothes are starting to shrink.