Thrift Finds


Here are a few recent thrift finds.
I've been trying really hard to cut back, but while I was home a few weeks ago I couldn't help myself.
I had to see what treasures I could find.
Let's just say I have got to open up shop sooner than later. Things are gettin' out of control.

Here's the breakdown:
coffee thermos- $1.99
another flower clock!- $2.99
vintage beaded purse- $2.00
retro starburst glasses- $0.99/each
box of '70s Playboys- free via brother
red Samsonite travel case- $2.99
enamelware flower pot- $3.99
mini felt owl- $0.59

So here's the story behind the box of vintage Playboys as I normally wouldn't be a collector of such items.
My brother and dad picked them up at an auction a while back. $5 for the whole box.
When my brother decided to move, he was going to trash them.
Obviously I could not let this happen once I saw the ahhmazing ads and stories within.
Much to my surprise, one of my favorite authors, Joyce Carol Oates, wrote many short stories for the '70s ed. Playboys!
I never thought I'd be so excited about a box of Playboys, but in fact, I am.
I hope to share some of the neater ads and stories I find.