Thrift Finds: Take Two


A few days later than originally planned, here are some more recent thrift finds.
Things have been busy around these parts lately.
My brother is officially moved in, my mom and dad have been up visiting, the mister and I had our anniversary and this weekend we are going home for my cousin's wedding.
Oh yeah, then Sunday is my birthday!
Is it sad that all I want for my birthday is Sprinkles cupcakes?!
I don't think so...

Ok, here's the breakdown:
Flower clock- $3.99
Pyrex bowls- $4.99/$2.99
Cake taker- $3
Flower jar- $1.99
Trippy puzzle- $1.00
Letter holder- $2.99
Scribbage- $1.00
Orange organizers- $1.75
Metal file folder- $3.99
Pyrex mugs- $0.59/each

I'll be posting pictures of our anniversary trip when we return from the wedding!

P.S. A very happy anniversary to Tanner & Amanda Woodford today!