April Fail


Why I decided to post these outfit pictures I do not know...
Let's just say it's fitting that today is April Fool's day.
My plan this morning was to run lots of errands, do some spring cleaning and workout.
This was all to be accomplished before I picked the mister up from work at 5.
Well this did not happen because I truly am predictable.
Anyway, what I am getting at is this outfit originated as a workout ensemble...
then turned into an '80s-esque fashion disaster.
Upside! I was super comfortable all day.
I really don't know what it was about the '80s, but they seemed to be all about comfort.
Leggings, oversized sweaters, ugly patterns and bold colors...
That must have been what I was subconsciously thinking today.
Also must have been what I was thinking the day I bought this sweater for 50 cents.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
I've got grand plans of getting up early tomorrow morning to attend an estate sale...we shall see.