Oh hi! Since we talked last I had a baby. And then I started a new blog called Stand Up Silas! It's a little less thrifting with a lot more baby. I'm not giving up on this blog completely, but for now, this is where you can find me. And my super cute baby :)

twenty-three weeks

A few baby/life updates-
We're having a BOY!
We found out almost 4 weeks ago now. Crazy! 
Time is really starting to fly. 
I had a doctor's appointment today and the term third trimester came up. 
The first 12-16 weeks seemed to go by so slowly (maybe because I was so sick). Now time is moving so quickly I feel like I can't keep up.
I want to document everything and I'm failing big time. 
I do try to snap a picture of my belly every week even if it's just with my phone. 
It seems my belly is growing bigger every second. I can't imagine what I'll look like by Thanksgiving. 
Overall I'm still exhausted all the time. My energy never came back. I do have a little bit better appetite, but I still feel like I'm not getting enough calories in a day. Or exercise. 
Everything seems fine with baby though. He's kicking like a ninja. 
As long as he's happy and healthy, nothing else matters.
I get more and more excited to meet him every day. 

i wonder

if baby will grow up to be tall and thin like papa

will have freckles and crooked pinkies like mama

if baby will love music and animals and books

will favor sweet or salty, the sunshine or the rain

if baby will swim like a fish and grow like a weed

will know just how loved he is.

eighteen weeks

The bump hasn't grown too much over the past week, so I figure one photo should suffice.
(That is not to say we didn't take a million and one pictures though.)
I have been concentrating so hard this week on trying to feel the baby move.
Everyone, including my doctor, is curious about whether or not I've felt any movement yet, and I am honestly just not sure! 
It's so hard to identify a feeling you've never experienced before. 
Hopefully as the movements become more frequent I'll just know
The countdown continues with only ONE week left until we find out the baby's sex!
I am hoping for some major cooperation on baby's part as my mom is traveling all the way up here for the ultrasound. 
With the second half of pregnancy approaching, I am still wondering when my energy and appetite will return...
I have had no ravenous feelings nor any specific cravings to speak of, and dang it, I was looking forward to that part!
But I'm sure the best is yet to come, right? ;)

P.S. My clothes are starting to shrink.

seventeen weeks

Oh by the way, we're having a baby!!!
I know this is old news to family and friends, but I hadn't yet gotten around to posting the big announcement here. 
I've been anxiously awaiting my bump to grow so we could start taking pictures, and although it's still pretty small, it has arrived.
We have yet to master the bump picture taking skills (hence my heart looking more like a triangle), luckily we have another 5 months or so to practice.
This pregnancy has been rough on me, to say the least, but baby is healthy and growing which is all that matters. 
In a little less than two weeks we find out the sex, and I cannot wait. 
I've been busy scouring the internet for cribs, highchairs, strollers and the like. There are SO many products out there that it's easy to get caught up in the buy, buy, buy mindset, but I am trying to stay grounded and remember that it doesn't take much to make baby happy. 
Our friends and family continue to be great support and we are so thankful for them. 

I recently had a friend send me this journal.
It's only a plus that it matches my typewriter.
Although somedays certain memories may not seem worth capturing,
I think it's important to jot them down anyways.
Between this journal and my blog (if I can get back on track!) it's entirely possible I'll never have to forget a moment.

Just wanted to share a few photos from our day at the beach.
We had originally planned on spending the day at Grand Haven State Park. On a Saturday afternoon. In the middle of summer.
Horrible idea we soon found out.
Lines and lines of traffic. No parking anywhere remotely near the park. Thousands of people.
So we headed down the coast a few miles and found the paradise pictured above.
Rosy Mound Natural Area.
Beautiful beach. Not nearly as packed. And only a short semi-strenuous hike from the parking area.
I think that was the catch. No one wants to spend their time getting to the beach. They just want to be there. Also no lighthouses at this park. Which was perfectly fine by us.
I wish I would've taken a few more pictures, but you get the idea.